Attention Greater Waco AFT Members,

We will be putting in place a new dues payment system.  This fall, Texas legislature is voting to take away the right of payroll deduction.  No organization or entity will be able to any longer receive dues from payroll deduction.  

Proactively, we are working to get all of our members switched to an automatic bank draft system that we have put in place.  Working with our local Wells Fargo bank, we will be keeping your money locally and available to work for you when you need it.  We have sent out letters with information and forms to fill out.  The forms need to be returned to us as soon as possible so that we can get ready for the upcoming school year.  We want the transition to be as smooth as possible, so let us know if you haven't received your letter or a phone call!

Q: Why do politicians want to take away my right to payroll deduction?

A:  The reality is that organized labor is the last lie of defense to guard our public schools against privatization efforts in the form of vouchers and unaccountable charter schools.  Our union gives our public school employees a strong voice to stand up for our school children and work to provide everyone a free and high quality public education.  Special interest groups are seeking to take away payroll deduction rights as a way to weaken the voice of public school employees.

Q:  How often will my payment come out of my account?

A:  Your payments will be drafted on a 12 month cycle. The Texas AFT (this is the same for the Greater Waco AFT) membership year is September 1 - August 31.

Q:  Will members be able to set up a date for the dues payment (on a specific date)?

A:  The new dues payment system will begin September 1, 2016.  Dues will be deducted from a member's checking account once per month, on the first.

Q:  Will members have any other payment option other than automatic deduction from a bank account?

A:  Members will have the option to pay the full amount of yearly dues in one check made payable by September 1st or two payments made payable September 1st and January 1st, members may also submit a money order.

Checks will be made out to the Greater Waco AFT.  DO NOT go online to pay through the Texas AFT website.  Our dues monies are being handled locally.  Call the office to check the right amount to be paid.

Q:  Will the district continue to do payroll deductions?

A:  Once we receive your completed form, notice will be turned in to the district to stop your payroll deduction.  Check your paycheck to make sure your dues are not being deducted.  Contact our office and payroll if this happens.

Q:  What happens when an employee leaves the district?

A:  If a member leaves the district for any reason, they need to contact us in writing to stop the draft payment.  You can call to inform of what is happening, but we need the written confirmation for our records and bank records.

The Greater Waco AFT is here to serve you!  Reminder, we do have a local office and officers elected by you.  You will still continue to be a part of State and National AFT.  your $8 million in liability coverage remains the same.  None of your benefits will change.

Greater Waco American federation of teachers