• ​Fully fund public schools
  • Fix school finance
  • Fund universal pre-k
  • Support neighborhood public schools
  • Increase oversight of charter schools
  • Craft new accountability system based on supportive resources instead of "test and punish"
  • Initiate "Community Schools" to provide support for struggling campuses
  • Continue secure retirement benefits for school employees with defined-benefit pensions
  • Make health care affordable
  • Increase teacher pay and professional standards
  • Retain voluntary payroll deduction for employees organization dues

Pictures of our Executive Board members and Office Staff coming soon! But until then...


Pam Cooper - President of GWAFT

Rosalinda Silva - Executive Board

Yolanda Anzures - Executive Board

Jennifer Faulk - Executive Board and Full-Time Office Staff


Stephanie Wright-Smith - Full-Time Staff employed by National Organization of AFT for the Greater Waco AreaType your paragraph here.

GWAFT is a local affiliate of the National and State organization American Federation of Teachers.  We support Waco, TX and the surrounding school districts by providing representation and support for education employees.  

We are a non-profit organization that gives back to its members in many ways.  



Greater Waco American federation of teachers



  • Defund public schools
  • Resist fixing school finance
  • Limit pre-k funding
  • Greatly expand charter schools
  • ​Protmote "charterization," turning public schools over to charter operators
  • Fund private school vouchers
  • Continue misuse of testing for "accountability" and teacher evaluations
  • Abolish quality safeguards like class-size limits
  • Convert pensions to unsecure defined-contribution plans
  • Oppose new funding for school employee health care
  • Water down teaching credential requirements
  • Abolish voluntary payroll deduction for employee organization dues